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To The Moon Academy was born from R&C Leading Edge, from the moment we held the first meeting with the work team, the need to create and design a space that serves as the company’s headquarters where we can have business meetings to discuss the present is involved. and the future of the company, in addition to already having the idea of ​​making a first investment in NFT games and being able to help many people by granting scholarships to generate extra income, an educational space where game strategies can be taught and the new changes that are coming out in the various games.

In this way, TTM Academy arises, being this the academy where we have coaching for the players and not only teach them, but also strengthen that relationship of trust, we help them exceed their own expectations in the game and in the process of working and complying with the responsibility that comes with taking care of an NFT account we closely monitor the progress of each player, which allows us to have growth metrics for everyone.

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