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To The Moon Academy arose from R&C Leading Edge as a business meeting and training space for NFT players. We offer coaching to help surpass expectations and closely monitor each player’s progress to measure growth. Additionally, we provide scholarships to generate extra income and teach strategies and new developments in the world of NFT games. Join TTM Academy to strengthen your skills and confidence in the game!

TTM Academy initially invested in Axie Infinity and Pegaxy, but due to the economic instability of their coins, we had to halt scholarships until further notice. Also, we suffered an unfortunate scam by investing in CryptoCity, which closed shortly after its launch and its owners fled. Despite these obstacles, we continue to offer coaching and teach strategies to help our players succeed in the NFT game.

After the negative experience with CryptoCity, we began to look for the best way to invest in NFT games. This led to the creation of our own game, Domino Earning World (DEW), which allows players to not only enjoy a unique gaming experience, but also develop NFT gaming skills. In DEW, we combine fun and learning to help our players succeed in the world of NFT games. Join us in DEW and discover a new way to earn with NFT!

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