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On October 29, a young, hard-working, visionary couple, with a lot of dreams to fulfill, had the pleasure of meeting in the same place with the person who would become their partner and mentor in a very short time. This is how the Rivera and Casanova families met.

In a gathering that lasted all night, we shared, we talked, we got to know each other a little and, without a doubt, we discussed what NFT games are and the opportunity to make investments with a long-term projection, profitability and the various options that exist to expand and diversify the company.

After several business meetings, multiple hours of analysis, thorough risk assessment and investment gains in cryptocurrencies, NFT games and NFTs in general. We determined that a successful association can build the solid foundations of what will be a company that allows us to provide sources of employment from the leverage of the new economy.

Thus, starting to operate the company on November 15, 2021, with the creation of accounts in the NFT Axie Infity video game. With this first game began what is currently an Academy; and here “To The Moon Academy” was born, where coaching a is carried out for the accounts we manage, we also designed a channel on the Discord platform that serves as the company’s headquarters.



Invest in design, delivery, exploration and exploitation of emerging technologies to create/produce digital assets, technologies, and consulting services to the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets.




We research and invest in both the virtual worlds of the future and the infrastructure that makes them possible!


  • Human quality, first of all our priority is the development of each member
  • Responsibility, which will allow us to carry out development in all aspects that make up the company to conquer new technologies. 
  • Transparency, we are prepared to clarify any situation that may affect our word, we care about complying with processes honestly and respectfully.



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